Thursday 27th November 2014

About TabataLive

TabataLive is a real time, live and on-going 240 day exercise programme that combines HIIT, Core Workouts and Body Weight Training, with inspiration and motivation to get you fit fast! There are 12 sub programmes of 20 days that run every day from Monday to Friday with weekends off to recharge the body. We encourage all ages and fitness levels to join us anytime throughout the programme.

TabataLive is a community that you can really be part of, by entering our Virtual Gym, where you will gain the motivation to achieve your health and fitness goals through our live ongoing programme of daily 4 minute Tabata and Core workouts. Enter Live challenges, such as the Burn 1500 Calories Every Week challenge, chat live with fellow members and our experts are always on hand to answer your health and fitness related questions that are specific to you.

This programme is so simple to follow and very, very effective.

Our living room workouts are suitable for all ages and abilities. We broadcast our workouts every week day at 6.00am (UK time) on Facebook. Members can take part in our classes anytime on that day. A brand new video and workout sheet will be added each weekday morning.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Tabata sessions and last just 4 minutes! We recommend if you are new to exercise to start off using 25% of your maximum effort, intermediate levels 50%-75% and advanced levels 100% (true Tabata). Tuesday and Thursday are core workouts that last for either 4, 8 or 12 minutes depending on your fitness level. Each Friday we challenge you with a fitness test, so you can record your ongoing progress. Our workouts are over quick but are very effective!

Although our sessions are structured, you should adapt them to suit your own ability and fitness levels. One of our aims is speeding up your metabolism, thus burning more fat throughout the day. 

No exercise equipment is required, all that's needed is a positive attitude, an internet connection and a little space, for example your living room, hotel room, office or even the local park.


TabataLive educates, motivates and facilitates you to get in the best possible shape of of your life - physically and mentally.  


About our classes


1. Warm up


Prior to tuning in to our latest class we recommend you spend 5 minutes warming up. As an example we suggest the following: 1 minute of high knees, 10 push-ups, 1 minute of jumping jacks, 20 lunges leading off both legs, and finally 10 squats. Find further examples and workouts in our Virtual Gym.


2. The Workout - from 6.00am each weekday


Lasts between 4 and 12 minutes, depending on your fitness level. A variety of high intensity, core and body weight exercises (no equipment) are included and our combinations are virtually unlimited. Our coaches will encourage you to keep going and never give up! This section of the class is HARD going but the benefits are immense!


3. The cool down


After the workout we recommend cooling down your body by a slow jog on the spot for 2 minutes, followed by stretching all the muscles you've just worked out. 

Have fun, socialise and let's get fit together!


Tabatalive is a daily self improvement programme, combining High Intensity Interval Training and Core workouts using just your body weight - so can be done anywhere with no equipment. This programme is designed to help you reach your goals FAST. Our routines run Mon to Fri are different every day are short and simple yet very effective. All fitness levels are welcome to start anytime. Join our Virtual Gym, workout anywhere or attend one of our Bootcamps or why not contact us about becoming an instructor and help others reach their full potential?